Access Systems

Des Moines, Iowa

This facility will serve as the new corporate headquarters for Access Systems. Access Systems is one of the most tenured office technology companies in the Midwest. This stunning building will be a place where executive staff and employees can work and play while providing exceptional business technology needs and provides a showroom area to display the products that make their clients successful.

Greenfield Dental

Greenfield, Iowa

Our client was interested in maintaining some of the history and character from the Greenfield Square.  The building created some unique challenges in determining what to preserve from the existing building. We were able to marry the new and existing to provide additional interest to the project.  We embraced the brick and left some exposed, the age of the building inspired some of materials we used, and our final touch for furniture allowed us to get creative in his waiting room. We were able to make sure no details went unnoticed.

Executive Laser Wash

Indianola, Iowa

Designing a car wash was a wonderful break from our typical norm here at Downing Construction. The client came to us with years of experience in the car wash industry and we were able to understand project scope, all the details that go into a car wash, and how to improve the overall experience for users.  It was a great learning experience going through the details with the client and being able to relay our design knowledge back to create this project. As we all know, car washes use a lot of water, and this project is thoughtfully designed to repurpose rainwater that falls onto the site.

Waukee Dental TI

Waukee, Iowa

What originally started as an addition to an existing clinic has morphed into a new building on Hickman Road in Waukee, Iowa.  Waukee Dental’s new space will feature 14 operatories, a vaulted waiting area, spacious sterilization & multi-purpose conference room. The stacked marble, wood elements & textural carpeting provide a modern and luxurious feel to her clinic.  Waukee Dental is slated to open in 2022.

Northern Plains Endo Interior

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Northern Plains Endodontics is a tenant improvement project in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is a 4-operatory clinic that draws inspiration from Scandinavian design. The clinic features moss walls, slatted wood accents and a neutral color palette of grays, browns, and greens. The linear wood accents bring warmth into, and compliment, the clean, modern design of the rest of the space. This project is slated to be complete early 2022.


Waukee, Iowa

Kettlestone is an 88-unit apartment project that is nearly 80,000 square feet. The building has four levels above ground, which house all the apartments, and a partial lower level for facility amenities. Amenities include work-from-home offices for rent, common areas, and a gym. Unit type options include studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and a four-bedroom penthouse on the top floor. Stairwells are daylit with a glass façade to encourage use and provide safe circulation. Project is slated for occupancy in early 2023.

Ellingson Residence

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to work with homeowners to design their dream home. The challenges we tackled were designing a home that was not local. Being in Wyoming, the team worked diligently to understand the project, the climate, and strict permitting requirements. The team was able meet the owners in Wyoming and spent a weekend designing in real time with them. Working so closely and being able to provide instant feedback on decisions with the client helped progress the project’s overall design in a short amount of time. The home fits in its surroundings, playing off the landscape with stone accents and warm colors. It captures an abundance of natural light and creates open views to the mountains with its large windows. This rustic mountain home was met with a modern, neutral material palette.